March 18, 2017

March 16, 1997, the date I graced the world with my presence. You're welcome world :) It's been two decades since my wonderful and beautiful self has been on Earth. Last Thursday, another chapter of my life had begun, another chapter that I have yet to discover. I can't believe that my teen years are over :( I can't imagine myself being an adult and doing adult things. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm already 20 I mean what do 20 year olds do? lol.
I may be 20 now but some things never change. I thank God for giving me another year to make mistakes and correct those mistakes, another year for me to experience more in life and achieve my dreams. I'm also thankful for all the people who made me feel loved on my birthday or even if it's not my birthday.

10 Things I've Learned in 20 Years
(I wanted to do 20 Things I've Learned in 20 Years, but let's be real here that's too many and you'll probably get bored reading)

1. It's okay not to know what you wanna do with your life in the future. It takes time, don't rush things. You will surely figure it out for sure. To quote Morgan Matson, "If everything's planned out, you can never find the unexpected. And where's the fun in that?"

2. Success takes time and effort. If you want something, work for it.

3. It's okay to have time for yourself. If you are already feeling exhausted, take a rest, sleep, or watch youtube videos. Reward yourself once in a while and don't stress yourself about those deadlines.

4. Please never be stress about grades, never let those grades control your life. If you have done your best but didn't get the results that you wanted, that's fine. You can always do better next time.

5. It's absolutely okay to fail. No one did it perfectly on their first try. Society had inculcated in us that if we fail, we're not good enough which should not be the case. What you will do after you fail is what's important.

6. Not everyone is going to like you. Stop living your life pleasing everyone, just do you.

7. We should stop competing and start helping each other. There's always going to be someone better and worse than you and that's perfectly fine. Stop competing with everyone but instead collaborate, motivate, and share your knowledge

8. Respect. Respect people's preferences, choices, dreams, just respect people in general. If that's what makes them happy then let them be.

9. Go out there and achieve you dreams. A little progress each day, adds up to a big result.

10. Have fun, enjoy life.

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  1. happy belated birthday! wish you all the best!

    gabriela | the basic page

  2. Welcome to the adulthood! Happy belated birthday!


    1. Adulthood sounds daunting lol! Thank you liz :)

  3. Happy birthday Rachel!!!!
    Instagram @grace_njio

  4. Happy Birthday, Rachel. May you have more fun and happy adventure in life... God bless :D

  5. Happy Birthday, Rachel! I haven't visited your blog in awhile. I'm also turning 20 on September! Haha. All the things listed above are true. Also, you are blessed with your family and friends. :)


  6. Happy Birthday!