Life Update

October 29, 2016

I guess I owe you guys an explanation on why I've been MIA on the blog for too long. Those people who say that 3rd year in college would be the hardest are right. I never expected this, I was not ready for this. Flashback to the first day of going back to uni... It was already stressful, given that it's just the first day. A day never pass without me doing any school works. I never get to do other things anymore, the things that I love which are photography and blogging, it's making me sad. I know studies should always be put first and I also know how much important it is to do good in college but you can't take away photography and blogging from me, those are one of the things that make me happy so just imagine how dreadful I feel for not getting to do it anymore.
This year is really stressful for me, I usually never let studies ruin my mood and just chill like okay there things to review then I'm gonna review, nothing to worry about (my classmates often say to me that they look up to me for being chill with studies but can still do good in it) but now, it's different. After I finish doing a certain homework or reviewing, it's not done yet 'cause there are still reports, documentaries, journal critiques, experiment, and more countless requirements that I need to work on. Please don't tell me that "after college, there are more things to worry about" or things like "there are people who have more problems than you right now so stop worrying". Please just don't because it's like saying we don't have the right to be sad or be stressed in life. It doesn't work like that. Also, I have this certain class that gives me so much anxiety. Every time I walk into the classroom, there's this feeling that I can't seem to explain and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way because my classmates shared to me that they feel the same way too. I'm not going to elaborate on this anymore because this is some serious issue and I might get into trouble for it. Tbh, there are times that makes me think, why did I choose this course again? Is this what I really want? Am I fit for this course? It made me question my decision. I mean, I'm not really good in science so why did I take a Bachelor of Science course? I honestly don't have an idea what I would be after graduating but don't get me wrong, I like Psychology, it interests me so much! I'm so glad that I have my family and friends that are there to support me. Especially my friends because they know how it feels like, they are the ones who I'm experiencing the struggles with. I'm glad that we got each other's back no matter what. I guess if we like to achieve our dreams, we should really work hard for it and go through these struggles.

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  1. I remember college life. It can be filled with parties and letting loose, but then one day it's all about studies! Take it easy and go at your own pace. You'll get there!


  2. I love your blog, thank you for sharing!
    xoxo, Hadasah