Wish List #1

July 06, 2016

1. 50mm lens
If you read my last post, you know by now that I'm getting serious with my portrait photography and the 50mm lens is the perfect lens to get that nice bokeh in photos . I NEED it, I repeat I NEED it lol. After much searching about what is the best next lens to buy, the 50mm seems to always top the list. Really hoping to get it ASAP because I can't wait to produce killer photos with it.

2. Frends headphones
Been lusting over these headphones for a few years now and I keep on wanting it more instead of just forgetting about it. I love the gold detail, it's so stylish. You gotta listen to music with style people haha and I've read that it also produces a great sound quality so plus points to that.

3. Adidas Superstar Rose Gold Metal Toe Cap
Do I still need to explain why I want to have these sneakers? I mean, just look at it, look how beautiful they are. Don't tell me it's not cool, I know you want to have it too yeah? Omg I just realized something, why am I into gold so much? lol but hey you can't blame me because it's sooooo nice.

4. Kylie Lipkit
Who doesn't want to have just even one of these lipkits? Maybe Kylie's haters don't but I'm not one of them! Can I just talk about how beautiful her matte lippies are? How unique those metal mattes are? How good those glosses look? Guess I'm not just as lucky and fast as the other girls because I can't seem to get one, I hate timezone differences :( Also, it would cost me a fortune because of the shipping fees + taxes + custom fees ugh. At least there are some local online stores who resell them but I'm still saving. I'm still a broke college student, everyone! 

5. Dior Technologic Sunglasses
I'm obsess with sunglasses, I just can't say no with a cool pair of sunnies. My dad would often scold me whenever I buy new sunnies but you can never have enough sunnies, okay? 

6. Bomber Jacket
I don't own any bomber jacket right now but I will own one in the future, for sure. It can go with any outfit and any style. Been seeing so many bloggers who wear bomber jackets and I can't help but like it. Now that summer is over I guess it's pretty much appropriate to wear it now (at least).

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  1. Want it all! Especially those shoes!

    mallory | http://www.the-drifter.com | @thedrifterbymal

  2. These are all such pretty colors!



  3. Great picks!
    Love the bomber.

  4. Loving those sneakers! xx, Erin - www.stylebythepeople.com

  5. So many things :) I just bought a 50mm a while back and love it for close ups <3


    1. That's one of the reasons why I want to have one!

  6. great wishlist! I want all of the kylie lip kits!


  7. Love this! Great post babe! x


  8. We almost have the same wish lists <3 www.itsaprildilao.com

  9. I love everything :)


  10. I thought I was the only person who doesn't own a bomber jacket. I really want to buy it and it's on my wish list too!


  11. I need to get my hands on that Dior Technologic Sunglasses too! <3


  12. I'm love with those shoes and that bomber !I really need to get one <3


  13. Do you think an OOTD shot will be good in a 50mm lens? Been wanting the same lens but then I realized, I always take photos as a whole body kaya hindi na ako sure what lens to get. Hahaha!

    xoxo, rej | reeejoyce.com

    1. Yes! it's perfect for OOTDs and don't worry pwede rin sya sa whole body shots but you need to step back a bit since it's too close :)