January Playlist

January 19, 2016

Finally got to take a wee bit of rest from school works, been living in the library these past few days to review and do homework. I forgot how to chill anymore lol. And OH MY GOD, why did I forget to tell you this?! I became part of the top ten in our departmental exam in Theories of Personality (if you don't know what it is, it's basically an exam that the whole second year Psychology students take). This just shows how hard work will actually pay off. On that same day when I got the news that I was part of the top ten, I got to meet those beautiful children at the orphanage, had a feeding program and prepared a few games for them. They made me realize to value whatever I have in my life because I admit that sometimes, I forget the word value. Seeing the smile on their faces make me love life again. Also, I was contemplating on getting my own domain but I don't think it'll be worth it yet 'cause my blog don't have that much traffic, I don't know let's just see in the future. Hope you'll enjoy this month's playlist!

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  1. Nice! Need to try these ones out




  2. kisses!!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️