Stolen Moments

December 21, 2015

Haven't seen Mr. Sun for almost a whole week. I'm blaming the gloomy weather for my non productive days. Lounging around the house with my pajamas while scrolling through my Instagram feed, that's what my day is generally compose of. Can it be sunny again at least on Christmas day? And yes, I was brave enough to wear my white sneaks even if it's raining. Okay, I'll stop talking about the weather now I know it's boring. My Christmas break just started I'm so happy. Can't wait for Christmas Eve because lots of food yaaa know it! My tummy is ready for all the feast :) 

Shoutout to my dad who DIYed my jeans. I was specifically looking for a knee rip jeans but couldn't find one so my dad encouragingly told me that he'll just do it for me. Maybe because he was also kind of tired with all the walking I was doing just to find "the" jeans lol. 

Button Up Shirt - RIPPLES by Jenny
Ripped Jeans - Forever 21
Ribbon necklace - Forever 21
Sneakers - Primadonna 

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  1. Awesome simple look and you're necklace is so cute!


  2. Cute look dear...
    Happy Holidays! Peace on Earth

  3. awesome post such cool vibes going on!

  4. Looks like we have the same (or really very similar) necklace with bow, I love it! :)

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  5. Oh, lucky you! You have a dad who knows to DIY ripped jeans!

    xoxo, jam

    1. Haha yeah he loves to rip his old jeans