Sem Ender

October 24, 2015

It's officially the start of my semestral break. I survive! I'm now back home in Bulacan and so excited to hang with my friends here, it's been blimmin' ages since I saw them. Also, I'm in need of sleep so probably I'll be staying in bed and watch Teen Wolf all day. I filmed my last day of the sem adventure in Intramuros with my friends. I like to go there 'cause it's peaceful and the place looks so nice, it's like you're not in Manila but in reality you are, you get what I'm saying? (probably not) it's the place where all the hustle and bustle of Manila fades and a perfect spot for a photo op, plus points to that! Then we went to eat at a café after. We just needed to celebrate, okay? Because finals are over! We got tons of photos that I can post for a month on Instagram lol. I'm so happy right now because this 2 week break is what I've been waiting for. No school works for 2 weeks hell yeaaah!

Credits to Aira for these photos :)

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