Who To Follow on Instagram

August 07, 2015

If you make Instagram a source of inspiration or life pegs, like me, you came to the right place because I'm gonna be citing a few of my favorite accounts in today's post! I'm thankful Instagram exist 'cause why not? I mean it's so cool to have an app where you can dump all your photos at and lately, people have been using it as their creative outlet. When I log into my account and scroll through my feed, I want to get instantly inspired. I hope I am not the only one who take my followings a little too serious though haha. Instagram feeds really make an impression to others and is a nice way to express yourself too.

1. Ida Anduyan (@idaandu)
Ida's feed is equally cool as her personality.

2. Renée De Guzman (@reneeedg)
I love Renée's travel photos and her classy outfits. Whenever I look at her feed, I feel like mine's a crap lol

3. Louie (@loui.e)
I don't think I can achieve a feed as clean as Louie's.

4. Kate Nutting (@prettydressesinthelaundry)
I love Kate's colorful feed and her outfit photos and flatlays are superb.

5. Sugar and Spice (@sugarandspiceofficial)
Madeline (@madelinebecker) and Kaykay (@kaykayblaisdell) are the two best friends behind it. I have no words to say, just check out their account and see it for yourself.

I can actually go on and on with all the accounts I love but I know you don't like a blog post that long! If you could suggest some accounts with really nice feeds please let me know at the comment box below and yours too so I can check and maybe follow too!

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  1. Great accounts! Thanks for sharing! You have a nice blog also!


  2. Interesting choices! I've been following Renee for sometime now. :) I'll check out the other accounts that you mentioned!

    xo jhanzey.net

    1. You should absolutely check them out :) Thank you Jhanz!

  3. I love your post :) Kiss Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. Thank's for the new inspiration :)


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