Like I'm Gonna Lose You

May 06, 2015

As you grow up, you'll slowly realize that people in your life right now are not permanent. Those people who you thought that would stay forever will leave. That how it goes for friends, neighbors, drinking buddies, and partners-in-crime. You love so much when you're young, you love them unconditionally and endlessly without fearing that you would eventually lose them.

 As the years go by, as you grow up, you will be shocked when the time came where you discover how easy or effortless it is in life to part ways with people who once meant the world to you. How easy it is that one day, you never heard from him/her ever again. It is so easy to lose a friend, just how easy it is to pop a bubble.

That's why when you finally found or met someone you want to keep around for life, you should do something about it. Please do something about it. Make them feel that you need them in your life as much as they need you in theirs.

Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Forever 21
Sneakers - H&M
Sunnies - Sunnies Studios

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  2. Looks great! Nice location and lovely blog you have!


  3. Replies
    1. I love it too haha! Thank you Tegan :)

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  5. Love this look, you definitely look so chic <3

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  6. You look gorgeous in this post and I love the location - absolutely beautiful! :)

    Layla xx