March 21, 2015

I'm breathing 18 years now! I just turned 18 last March 16, just though I'd share. It was a 2-day celebration with the fam. Went to shop, eat, eat and eat at BGC the day before my birthday then a family dinner on my actual birthday. What made it more special is my parents' gift *drum roll* it's a car! And I'm really thankful for it. Just watch this vlog I made if you want to know more what went through about my birthday.

Turning 18 is actually a bitter sweet feeling for me. I'm already getting older huhu. But taking all the bitterness aside, being 18 is not just about turning legal, it comes with loads of privileges and responsibilities that I have to slowly learn to cope with. But the big question is, am I still a kid? or am I already an adult? I guess the only person who can answer that is myself.

I am truly thankful for all the people who came across my life. Those friends that I have now is something to be happy about, even those who already left and will come in the near future. My family, of course, I can go on a day just saying all the things I'm thankful for because I have them. They are one of the reasons why I am the person that I became.

Turning 18 is like an alarm to remind you that its time to change your life, sometimes for the better but other times for the worse. At this stage in life, we all have the chance to make decisions. Another year for us to have a chance to make the story of our life better.

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  1. Happy B-Day!

  2. Happy birthday!! A car is a fun gift ;)


  3. Belated happy birthday!! :) Trust me when I say you're not old. You'll prolly only start to feel it when you start working :D Hahaha Your birthday celebration seemed so much fun and I loved the song!!


    1. I guess I need to finish college first haha the title of the song is Whole Wide World by Mindy Glendhill :)