February 19, 2015

In the age where smartphones, iPads, and laptops are existing, it makes easier for us to have access in social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become part of our lives already. What is more entertaining than seeing nice feeds on Instagram? Or stalking your friends on Facebook? Or getting new updates on Twitter from your favourite celebs? All of these social media accounts has one thing in common which is FOLLOWERS. I am here to remind you that those are just numbers. You're number of followers doesn't define your worth in this world.

  Having just one follower doesn't lessen your worth as a human being. Also, just because you have thousands of followers doesn't mean you're higher than everyone else. Yes, it is nice to know that there are people who look up to you as an inspiration, commenting all the nice things they could possibly think of. But please remember that you don't need their approval to know that you are beautiful and important. Don't make your number of followers define who you are.

Shorts - Forever 21 
Sandals - Dana Buchman

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  1. Nice words you put up there po!


  2. followers are just numbers indeed :) love your skirt here! :)

    Metallic Paws