Journal Writing 101

November 17, 2014

I started writing a journal last summer and I must say it gives me enjoyment and it is one of my ways to kill time when I have nothing to do. A journal is a place where you can put out your thoughts and feelings when you feel like you need to burst it all out. It can also relive memories that are worth remembering. Having a journal may also improve your writing skills or maybe discover your hidden talent in writing. It can also be a place to record your goals, travels, and adventures. There are tons of benefits of having a journal so if you don't have one, I suggest you should start to make one :)

Journal writing has no rules. Write about EVERYTHING. And in these blog post you can take a glimpse of my journal and ideas that you may add up to your journal. 
Lyrics from songs you love. 
You can write the words creatively like what I did below. 
It doesn't matter whether your good or bad in writing stories. You can give it a try sometimes. Besides, your journal is for your eyes only unless you wanna share it with others.
Collect tickets, receipts or memorabilias and put it on your journal.
The best way to recall the happenings in your life is print pictures. It's my favorite part actually.

Write the things that captured your heart. You may see a quote or inspirational thoughts in the world wide web, write it down so you can read it anytime you need.
Write about your travels.
To make your journal creatively done and look cute, you can use washi tapes to paste photos.
Use colorful pens to add a bit of life and color. It's boring to read a journal in black ink only, right? 
I hope this post helps you or inspired you in starting a journal. I recommend don't write EVERY DAY because it can be a habit that it becomes a part of your everyday routine already because you feel like you are obliged to do so. 
Remember to just be yourself in writing. You don't have someone to impress.

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  1. love how creative your journal is! wish I could keep that up

  2. Hello Rachel! :) Wow! That is a beautiful journal. I got lots of journal notebooks since I like collecting cute stationary but they are all just stocked up on my box. Now, I want to do that journal writing like yours this coming year. I'm back-reading your blog, btw. :)

    1. Same here, I also like stationery items haha! Glad I somehow, encouraged you to start writing your own journal :)

  3. I hope I could make that too! Thanks! :)))