October 31, 2014

Seeing other people rip each other's lives, it is sickening. I am sick of seeing people hate each other. I understand that there may be conflicts that may come our way between our relationships with other people, even I have experienced it. Yes, it takes time to mend that pain especially when someone who is important to you is that reason for that pain you're experiencing.

I am sick of people bitching about each other. Why spread rumors? For everyone to look at you as the better one? I am sick of these insecurities, jealousies, and rivalries. Why can't we just be contented with what we have and be delighted of people's achievements? Our minds will never be settled, we will just have more problems if we deal and have our worlds revolve on it.

When will that day come when we congratulate others wholeheartedly? When will we be happy of others' accomplishments without those obscure envies we're keeping inside ourselves? That day will never come until we stop from tearing each other apart.
Top - Cotton On
Pants - Cotton On
Sneakers - Keds

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