Cogito Ergo Sum

October 06, 2014

You're probably puzzling over what is the meaning of the blog title. Cogito Ergo Sum means I think therefore, I exist. Ohh the things I learn from my Philosophy class. I find it hard to find time to write a blog post because of college duties or should I say I prefer spending my extra time in sleeping I'm just gonna share this little essay I made as my Philosophy homework.

According to Aristotle, man searches for truth and happiness. Truth is most often used to mean, 
recognizing the fact. While happiness is an emotional state of a person that is a positive emotion. Choosing between truth and happiness is indeed a hard decision because both are equally important.
If I were to choose, truth is important over happiness. I would much rather hear the truth whether it's a good, bad or an ugly one than to be told a lie. Knowing the truth can lead us to true happiness. Though it is not to be doubted that the truth can also lead us to sadness or despair but happiness that is not revealed in truth is an illusion, it is fake.
Truth is a chance to make positive difference, which will produce positive feelings, also. Anyone can be happy, if they just know that happiness does not only depend on the things around them, how beautiful they are, or how good their environment may be. If the truth is not absolute, you can still fix what is wrong and perhaps improve it and might end up being better at something than you previously were. Embracing the truth, leads to happiness. People don't want to accept the truth because they want to stay in their fantasy world.
This may sound cliché but the truth will set you free. When the happy lie is discovered, your happiness can fade out. If you refuse to face the truth because you are afraid what may come out but remember that reality is still there, infront of you, it will just continually consume you unless you finally decided to face it. Truth and happiness are one in the same way. The truth can give us the true happiness we've always wanted in life.

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  1. Happiness is indeed a choice. Btw, nice outfit! ;)