Photo Diary: Adventure in the North

May 29, 2014

Spent the last few days of summer vacation in Ilocos Norte because school is coming and we're close to bid summer goodbye. 
We left at 2am and basically I didn't get any sleep. I love road trips especially with food and good music so the 14 hour drive didn't bother me that much. It was exhausting indeed but once we arrived there, it was all worth it. 
I got tons of photos from our trip but these are few of my favorites. WARNING: Long blog post is coming your way.
Bell Tower at Ilocos Sur. This was constructed since 1591.

Patapat Bridge. The boundary between Cagayan and Ilocos Norte. 
If you want to get a perfect photo at this place, it'll really be a challenge because of cars swiftly passing by.
Caught recording a video and yes, video diary coming soon.
The ever famous Bangui Windmills. You can't say you've been to Ilocos if you didn't get the chance to take a peek of the windmills. This is such a breezy place so I advice not wearing skirt for girls haha and make sure you brush hair after going here because your hair will surely be flying.
Kapurpuruwan Rock Formation. I enjoyed watching its natural beauty.
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. 
Malcanañang of the North. Ahhh history, I really enjoyed this place because it's full of stories that are not written in textbooks. 
Paoay Church. 
The place where the body of the late Ferdinand Marcos is located. I can't believe it was right in front of my eyes, it wasn't allowed to take photos inside though.
Our last stop was Vigan! 
I still had the best time despite of sweating and touring around under the sun which I usually hate. 

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