New Chapter

April 01, 2014

           This blog post is dedicated to the people who made my high school life a fun and a memorable one. 

           Classmates, we see them on a daily basis. We spend almost 9 hours with them a day in just one classroom and it's funny how we never run out of things to talk about. I'm beyond glad that i got the best set of classmates this year. They are the people who played a major role in my life. Different personalities, contradicting minds... Despite of all our differences, we still perceived a way to be the best of friends possible. No matter how sluggish you are to go to school, classmates can make your day an enjoyable one. Sometimes (or should i say always) our classroom turns into a comedy club because of non-stop laughing. We may have small misunderstandings at times but we can mend those easily. 

           Remember the first day of school? When we didn't had any idea what would come about. You see different faces, without knowing that they will eventually mean something to you. Those awkward first conversations. 

           It is heart-rendering knowing that we're going on separate ways. I will miss how we come late for our next class, our usual shenanigans, how we break the rules at times, how we rant over too much school works, those "secret techniques" during exams, those inside jokes, how we try not to fall asleep during discussions, when we eat secretly in class, when someone suddenly sings or dances out of the blue, and everything what you have in mind.

          It's been quite a long journey but all the memories we've shared together are worth more than real diamonds. I'm thankful i have met them in this thing called life. 

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