April 30, 2014

 It's alright to be supremely happy or ecstatic to the point that it freaks out the people around you. Even though they may think that you're a weird crazy earthling. You're happy and no one can get in the way. It's okay to be terribly devastated and upset to the point that scary thoughts are running through your mind. They are called emotions and they are evidence that you are living, breathing, and a well human being.
 This may sound odd but be delighted that you get the chance to feel, even if it's to an utmost amount. You can be astound with the number of people who have failed to remember or recall what was once like.
Then again, it is also okay to feel nothing or empty. Days will come wherein your mind will be too messed up and muddle to formulate proper thoughts and emotions, and guess what? That is okay.
Just make sure you don't ever let any of the dreadful ones get in to you because it may knock you down. It will go by.
Muscle tee, Aztec shorts, sunglasses - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converse

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