April 03, 2014

Loneliness is an odd sort of thing. It creeps up to you, sits beside you in the dark, strokes your hair in bed, gets into your bones and through your veins. It lays with you every night and harasses your mind that became the reason why your eyes are wide open at this time of the night. It's a constant companion.

You wake up in the morning wondering why your life is the way it is today. You fail to fall asleep because of persistent doubting. Doubts on the people around you, doubts on what you really want in life, doubts on nearly everything.
Do I
Don't I
Should I
Why won't I
Why did I
And when you're ready to let go, to break free and be new again, loneliness is an old friend of yours. Standing steadily in front of you, looking at you straight to the eyes. Challenging you to live without it. And you can't find any words to fight back because it might return because sometimes it just won't let go.
(I'm sweating like a pig because of the sweltering heat that's why I tried my best to shoot those photos)

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