Living In A World Gone Plastic

January 26, 2014

Do we really need to fit in?
They say be yourself but when you decided to be yourself, they would think you're uncanny. It's just easy to say this thing but to make it happen in a society like what we have today requires complete work. Do you need to incorporate yourself in a group of "cool and famous" people so that you can say you belong in this world? Of course not! You're living your life wrong if you change the way you are just to please them. You don't need to please them in the first place though. 

The problem with people nowadays is that they can easily judge. It demands no effort. They'll say what they want without thinking about what the person will feel. They always has something to say. They criticize the way you speak, the way you dress, the music you listen to, and every way you express yourself. This type of people can sometimes be your friends. The separate you from the person you love or makes you happy just because they think that he/she doesn't conform with their standards.
In a room full of people, not everyone will like you but remember that there will always be one person who will accept you.

Don't fret about what others will think or say. Don't let those words absorb in to you, rather make that as an inspiration.

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