The Road Can Get A Little Rough Sometimes

August 20, 2013

Sometimes, I don't feel like I'm 16. I don't think I have this freedom to discover things on my own and have my own little experiences. There's too many people who's blocking my way to being happy.
What I often hear from people are "are you sure you can do that?", "you don't know anything in life", "you can't make decisions on your own" and I'm just like, if you will never let me discover and experience things, I will probably will just stay like this forever. Whenever I see people in my age having fun and enjoying their teen life, it just makes me realize how different I am from them. Some people just don't trust my abilities and dexterity. Why they can't accept and understand that I'm not that kid that used to seek help from others all the time, that kid who just play all day. 
The worst part is when they compare me from others, hearing those words like "why can't you be like (insert a name here)", "why can't you be good like him/her?", "why he/she can do that and you can't?" hurts me completely. Why they can't understand that I'm different and I have abilities on my own. If I will act like them then I will never have an identity. Here's the thing, some people try too hard. Like seriously, stop and just be yourself. People will like you better that way. I'm 16 and knowing that I've never achieved anything or made something remarkable depresses me. But this doesn't stop me from trying.
Sorry for the lousy photos 'cause the lazy me don't wanna go out.
PS. I hope the rain will stop now and let the sun shine and so I'll be able see those little stars at night again :)

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