Prove Them All Wrong

July 14, 2013

Today is my mom's birthday so everyone's preparing for the dinner later in our house with the whole clan. Days like this are my favorite, just being with my family together with my aunts and uncles and of course, my cousins! It's kinda noisy here right now but not that I'm complaining, it's all fine than the usual quiet thing in our house.

I decided to run as an an Auditor for our school's Student Government. I don't really have a plan to join but it's just like something hit me then bam! I'm now included to the final list of candidates. Well, it's also an opportunity for me to show them what I can really do and prove them that I'm not just some any other girl. I'm not good at speaking in front of an audience and my voice sounds weird on the mic so wish me luck guys!
Shirt - Guess
Shorts and Belt - Stop And Stare Shop
Sneakers - Vans

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