We're Infinite

April 29, 2013

We went to Bataan for our yearly family summer outing. We usually go to beaches since it's summer. This is one of the things i really watch out for during school vacation 'cause our whole family is complete, if you don't know yet I have loads of relatives on my mother side and take note, we are all close to each other. Just joking around like we're a group of high school friends.

After a 3 hour drive from Bulacan, we finally arrived at the beach!

We stayed there for 2 days, Thursday and Friday so it's like the beach is ours like it's our private resort (ahaha in our dreams) 'cause there's no other guests than us since it's weekdays.

Admit it, we can't pass out the chance to take a snap of the beautiful sunset every time we go to the beach.

Beach volleyball is one of the best! Rolling on the sand and stuff :P

Every time our family go to the beach we make it a point to build a bonfire.

For more fun details about our adventure in Bataan, watch this!

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