Precious Moment

April 30, 2013

April 28... The day when a loving wife, caring mother and thoughtful grandmother was born. Yesterday was my lola's 75th birthday and our whole family decided to throw a party for her. It was like 3 weeks left before my grandma's birthday so everyone was busy helping for the preparation. She knows that we prepared a party for her but she didn't know what will happen during the party and the things we prepared for her which will make her birthday extra special.

Table for the cool people :P

My cousin Draizen reminds me of Rowley (Greg Heffley's bestfriend)  from the movie Diary Of A Wimpy Kid haha

Can you see me singing right there? Yeah, that's one of our surprises for our lola (grandmother) 

The boys prepared a dance performance. Their group was created when boredom strikes so they did a music video and posted it on Youtube. Our family is really not normal, we just like to fool around and have fun. They apparently called their group Bakubandz. The audience actually loved it! I saw the smiles on their face while watching :) Proud cousin right here!

After the party, we did some picture taking...

With my craziest cousin

Cheers to my photography skills! (if I have any lol)
I got like more than 200 photos for my grandma's birthday but of course, I can't post it ALL here. My cousins and I decided to watch Iron Man 3 after the party, with us still wearing the outfits we wore for the occasion. We are all wearing red at the mall cause we're just cool like that ;D

Outfit Details:
Top - Jewels
Belt - SM Department Store
Skirt - Robinson's Department Store
Shoes - From my aunt
Ribbon Necklace - Forever 21

"Thank you Lord for giving us a caring and loving grandma. For all the graces and her fruitful life."

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